IMG_3772Latest news:

November 2016: The Oxford Trust submitted their planning application, available here. The Friends of Stansfeld held a public meeting to discuss a response.

May 2016: The Oxford Trust held an open day at the Stansfeld site, and showed its plans to develop the site and build a two-storey innovation centre as well as an education centre.

January 2016: The Oxford Trust has signed the contract with Birmingham City Council.

26 October 2015: The Oxford Trust has announced that, subject to contract, it is to be the new leaser of the Stansfeld Outdoor Education Centre (26 October 2015). The Oxford Trust is planning to include an innovation centre for start-up companies and entrepreneurs working in science and technology; an education centre providing hands-on science experiences for primary school-aged students and their families; and a managed woodland environment that will support the education centre and provide public access into this previously private location. More information.

October 2015: Birmingham City Council received five Stage 1 tenders in May 2015, and invited three of the bidders to make Stage 2 offers. Oxford Co-Housing; the Oxford Trust (also known as Science Oxford); and an anonymous bidder submitted Stage 2 bids on 4 September 2015.

The Friends of Stansfeld are expecting to hear this month which bidder has been successful.